jiangsu longchang chemical co., ltd.-凯发k8一触即发

technology first, quality first

mainly engaged in the production of aromatic chlorides and
inorganic supramolecular soil remediation materials



technology innovation

the company has established excellent industry-university-research cooperation relations with tsinghua university, nanjing normal university, nanjing institute of soil science, chinese academy of sciences, xiamen university, beijing university of chemical technology and other colleges and universities. innovation platforms such as the enterprise academician workstation and the chloride resource engineering technology research center. fei weiyang and zheng lansun, academicians of the academy of engineering, are hired as senior technical consultants of the company.
the company has 15 products recognized as high-tech products in jiangsu province, applied for more than 200 patents, 1 pct patent, 30 invention patents, and 51 utility model patents. it has passed 17 new technologies and 15 nantong scientific and technological achievements were appraised, and the experts at the meeting agreed that the project technology reached the domestic leading level. has undertaken a number of national torch plan projects, jiangsu province's major scientific and technological achievements transformation project, jiangsu province science and technology support plan, and nantong city science and technology plan have all passed the acceptance.

high-tech enterprise certificate

membership certificate

zhongguancun tumeng membership card

2019 utility model patent "a soil remediation agent spreader"

a method for in-situ remediation of phosphorus-contaminated soil with calcium chloroaluminate hydrate (2019)

acylation distillation device

a method for treating waste water from papermaking tobacco flake process (invention patent)

torch program demonstration project certificate

jiangsu engineering technology research center


jiangsu longchang chemical co., ltd.

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