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mainly engaged in the production of aromatic chlorides and
inorganic supramolecular soil remediation materials




soil restoration materials


jiangsu longchang chemical co., ltd. has built an industrial plant with an annual output of 30,000 tons of ultra-stable mineralized soil remediation materials. in accordance with the planning requirements of the ministry of science and technology, it will build an industrialization base with an annual output of 200,000 tons of soil remediation materials in nantong.

jiangsu longchang high-tech material technology group co., ltd. (jiangsu longchang chemical co., ltd.) was founded in august 1999. it is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of soil remediation materials. the company is a national high-tech enterprise, an innovative enterprise in jiangsu province, and a small and medium-sized technological enterprise. , 4a-level standardization good behavior company, nantong quality model company, rugao city environmental behavior green company, respectively hired the academicians of the chinese academy of sciences zheng lansun, fei weiyang as the director of the technical committee and senior technical consultant, and the chinese academy of sciences nanjing institute of soil science, tsinghua university, hunan agriculture university, xiamen university, nanjing normal university and other scientific research institutes have established in-depth industry-university-research cooperation relationships, including jiangsu enterprise academician workstation, jiangsu enterprise technology center, jiangsu engineering technology research center, jiangsu postgraduate workstation, and jiangsu postdoctoral innovation innovation platforms such as practice bases.

launching "hard core" soil remediation technology to turn contaminated farmland from danger to safety

the rural department of the ministry of science and technology has formed a research report on industrial technology innovation of the "layered bimetallic compound hydroxide soil remediation agent" after investigation.
ultra-stable mineralized materials are the best choice and substitute for soil remediation agents. through its structural and functional adjustments, it can be used to selectively adsorb and passivate heavy metal ions and organic pollutants in the soil, with very high longevity and stability (the release of adsorbed pollutants cannot be detected for a long time), which greatly reduces the environment risks and health risks.


leadership care


expert evaluation

  >>> the worst-hit areas of pollution come from the truth of "soil remediation technology"

passivation agent lc-s01

technical index

project index
cao w/%  ≥ 28
drying reduction w/%    ≤ 10
acid insoluble substance w/%    ≤ 5
ph(20g/l suspension) 10.5-12.5

the contents of mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead and chromium meet the requirements of ny1110-201o.
the industry standard formulated by the director has been released and implemented. through the test of soil and fertilizer testing center of chinese academy of agricultural sciences (national fertilizer quality supervision and inspection center), all indicators of the products meet the requirements of the standard.


usage method

※after applying the passivating agent, plow and mix well, sow wheat, transplant rice seedlings and other crops, and routinely fertilize them.
※either mechanical or manual spreading is possible, and mechanical spreading is particularly good.

reference dosage

100-300kg / mu, according to the degree of pollution.


product performance

●suitable for the restoration of acidic, weakly alkaline soil and heavy metal polluted farmland, with low restoration cost
●suitable for various crops, no fallow, no impact on agricultural production, no reduction in production
●fast effect, one-time application, long-term effective, good stability
●the soil is not compacted and will not cause secondary pollution


demonstration project

the jiangsu science and technology plan "science and technology demonstration for the safe utilization and efficient remediation of agricultural land contaminated by heavy metals" (be2016812), jointly undertaken by nanjing institute of soil science and technology, chinese academy of sciences and other units, has passed acceptance. in response to the heavy metal pollution of agricultural land in jiangsu province, we integrated and innovated the "low accumulation rice/wheat rotation agronomic control passivation" safe utilization technology system, and constructed multiple sets of agricultural land suitable for different planting structures and pollution levels for safe and efficient use of agricultural land. the restoration technology model and the establishment of more than 500 acres of demonstration bases provide important technical support for the safe use and green sustainable restoration of heavy metal contaminated agricultural land in jiangsu province and even the whole country.
2015 national torch plan jointly undertook the 2016 jiangsu provincial key research and development project with nanjing institute of soil science, chinese academy of sciences



the product has been used in large areas of farmland in jiangsu, hunan, gansu, yunnan and other regions, and has been highly praised by the local agricultural committee and environmental protection department!


case 1: farmland in taicang city, jiangsu province

handle total amount of soil ph extraction state of cacl2 straw cd(mg/kg) grain cd(mg/kg)
cd(mg/kg) cd(mg/kg) xiushui 09 zhongxiang 1 xiushui 09 zhongxiang 1
contrast 1.23±o.08 6.00±0.69 o.016±0.001 1.03±o.20 o.57±o.1 2 o.26±0.04 o.24±0.05
passivator lc-s01 1.40±0.06 6.87±0.31 0.008±0.002 o.15±o.03 o.55±o.01 0.06±0.02 0.1 9±0.03


case 2: farmland in nujiang mining area, yunnan

project 20180519 blunt front soil 20180922 blunt soil
xianyu 798 full amount mg/kg 0.01 m caci2 extraction state 0.01 m caclextraction state kernel (mg kg-1)
cd pb cd pb cd pb cd pb
passivation agent lc-s01 2.38 79.9 0.074 0.028 0.002 0.007 0.007 0.040
control 2.38 79.9 0.075 0.032 0.071 0.022 0.019 0.053


case 3: typical long-term research project of cadmium pollution passivation

case 4: remediation project of chromium and nickel polluted farmland in dainan town, a certain city

case 5: heavy metal contaminated farmland restoration project in linchuan district of a city

case 6: safe utilization project of weakly alkaline soil cultivated land

inorganic layered supramolecular soil repair agent lc-02

product performance

the inorganic layered soil remediation material developed by jiangsu longchang chemical co., ltd., under the technical guidance of the academician duan xue team of beijing university of chemical technology, further optimized the process, achieved cleaner production, improved product quality, and enhanced the repair effect. the surface of the inorganic layered supramolecular material is rich in defect sites and basic hydroxyl groups. through structure and function adjustment, it selectively adsorbs and inactivates heavy metal ions and organic pollutants in the soil, which greatly reduces the biological content of pollutants. availability, quick results, long-term effectiveness and stability are very high, greatly reducing environmental and health risks. the product uses natural minerals as raw materials, is green and environmentally friendly, and will not cause secondary pollution.


use machinery to add repair materials to the contaminated soil, and fully mix them to make physical and chemical interactions with polluting media and pollutants to form mineralized substances, stabilize and solidify the pollutants, no longer migrate and diffuse, and reduce environmental risks.

processing flow

the soil remediation agent is injected into the soil through a drilling device and an injection device, and then mixed with a large mixing device. the treated soil is left in place and covered with clean soil.

reference dosage

the dosage is generally 0.3-0.5%, which can be increased or decreased according to the degree of pollution.


tested and evaluated by the national key laboratory of soil environmental management and pollution control for environmental protection, jiangsu longchang's soil remediation materials have a certain stabilizing effect on heavy metals in contaminated soil, and the stable immobilization rates of heavy metals such as zinc, arsenic, and cadmium are respectively reached 97.59%, 56.24% and 82.94%.
the in-situ stable immobilization technology of heavy metal contaminated soil has been identified as a key supporting technology for environmental protection and clean production in the national petroleum and chemical industry. the heavy metal contaminated soil remediation technology based on natural mineral mixed materials has been listed in the "advanced technology and equipment for soil pollution prevention and control" catalog", respectively won the nantong city and rugao city science and technology progress award.


project name rehabilitation of leftover site of a battery factory in jiangsu
project overview in june 2018, the inorganic layered supramolecular repair material was used to repair the relocation site of a battery factory in jiangsu. according to the current monitoring situation, the expected target of repair has been achieved.


project name contaminated site restoration project of an electroplating company in wuxi
pollutants total chromium, hexavalent chromium
repair technology in-situ curing/stabilization
repair target in-situ remediation and leaching meets "groundwater environmental quality standard" (gb/t14848-93) class iv water quality
project scale project volume is about 3689m3


project name rehabilitation of the decommissioning site of a metal surface treatment company in nantong
  before processing(mg/l) after treatment(mg/l)
copper 480 0.08
nickel 390 0.09
chromium 190 0.05

arsenic contaminated soil passivator lc-sf

product performance

the arsenic contaminated soil passivator developed by jiangsu longchang chemical co., ltd. can change the existing form of arsenic in the contaminated soil, transform it from an activated state to a stable state, reduce the mobility and bioavailability of arsenic in the environment, and weaken its toxicity to plants and animals.
is suitable for the restoration of farmland and sites contaminated by acid and weak alkaline arsenic, with low restoration cost.
suitable for all kinds of crops, no fallow and no impact on agricultural production.
fast effect, one-time application, long-term effective, strong stability.
using natural minerals as raw materials, it is environmentally friendly and will not cause secondary pollution.


※after applying the passivating agent, plow and mix well, transplant rice seedlings, sow wheat or other crops, and manage with regular fertilization.

※either mechanical or manual spreading is possible, and mechanical spreading is particularly good.

reference dosage

100-300kg/mu, increase or decrease appropriately according to the degree of pollution.

engineering case

the arsenic-contaminated soil passivator has been used in a number of domestic site pollution and farmland restoration projects, and has been highly praised by owners and experts.

case 1: an arsenic residue project in hunan

project ph as cd pb
blank 3.14 0.562 0.1062 5.342
passivating agent lc-sf 6.36 0.063 0.0135 0.02
target value june 7 0.1 0.5 1

case 2: arsenic contaminated farmland in a province


jiangsu longchang chemical co., ltd.

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