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mainly engaged in the production of aromatic chlorides and
inorganic supramolecular soil remediation materials





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molecular formula c6h5no2
molecular weight 123.11
standard no. gb/t9335-2009
item index
item index
top grade first grade
appearance light yellow liquid with special odor
purity/% ≥  99.8 99.5
low boiling matter/% ≤   0.05 0.1
high boiling matter/% ≤   0.1 0.1
moisture/% ≤   0.1 0.1
nitrotoluene content/% ≤   0.05 0.1
crystallization point of dry product ℃ 5.5 5.4
properties melting point is 5.7°c, hardly soluble in water, miscible with most organic solvents, can evaporate with water vapor, flammable and toxic.
uses it is an important organic raw material used in dyes, pesticides, perfumes, medicines, rubber accelerators and explosives, and used as a solvent.


jiangsu longchang chemical co., ltd.

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